Media Art Meetup (1/4) - Introduction to Art & Media technology

Media Art Meetup (1/4) - Introduction to Art & Media technology
27 Nov 2018

V2_Lab for the Unstable Media hosts a crash course in the field of Art & Media Technology. Four meetups give a comprehensive overview of the field; its history, the current themes and issues, and possible future developments.


Open Lab Meetup

The Open_Lab Meetup (O_LM) is an opportunity for artists/makers/students to get support for their projects by presenting a question or challenge to the V2_Lab and the V2_Community. In each O_LM we will tackle 3 challenges/projects.


Call for Proposals: Re-Enacting the V2_Archive

V2_Lab for the Unstable Media and In4Art invite artists based in the Netherlands and Belgium to dive into V2_’s archive and propose re-enactments of included works.


Speculative Design Archive Interview with Michel van Dartel

Het Nieuwe Instituut interviewed Michel van Dartel in the context of the Speculative Design Archive exhibition.

Rental Groundfloor

The Groundfloor of V2_ is available for rent.



In 'Artonauten, op expeditie in het Antropoceen' onderzoekt Ruben Jacobs hoe de kunst zich verhoudt tot deze nieuwe ecologische realiteit, en hoe kunstenaars wetenschap en techniek inzetten om onze relatie met de aarde opnieuw te onderzoeken. ...

Ruben Jacobs on Artonauten

A video interview in which Ruben Jacobs talks about his new book 'Artonauten, Op expeditie in het Antropoceen' (2018). (Dutch).


Art and Autonomy

'Art and Autonomy: Past, Present, Future' (2018) is a book that asks what artistic autonomy might mean at a time when art is fully commercialized and aesthetics has become the guiding principle of economic production and policymaking.

V2_ is an interdisciplinary center for art and technology in Rotterdam (the Netherlands). V2_'s activities include organizing presentations, exhibitionsworkshopsresearch, and development of artworks in its own lab; and publishing in the field of art and media technology.

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