Latest Added People and Organizations

Florian Weigl

Curator at V2_.

Michel van Dartel

Director of V2_ and Research Professor at CARADT

Sarah Cook

Sarah Cook (UK/CA) is a curator and writer. She is a V2_ Fellow since 2016.

Jerry Galle

Jerry Galle is an artist. Since 2018 he is a Fellow at V2_.

Dineke Keemink

Head of Finance and Human Resources at V2_

Alex Falk

Community manager and community catalyst at V2_

Anne-Mercedes Langhorst

Office manager at V2_

Arie Altena

Website editor at V2_

Boris Debackere

Lab Manager at V2_

Alex Adriaansens

Founder of V2_

Helen Anna Flanagan

Helen Anna Flanagan is an artist who is based in Birmingham and Rotterdam.

Christian Bok

Christian Bök is a Canadian poet.

Rene van Dijk

Rene van Dijk is a visual performance artist from the Netherlands.

Boris Bunnik

Boris Bunnik is a DJ and photographer

Florence To

Florence To is an art director and installation artist.

Lichun Tseng

LiChun Tseng is a film maker and visual artist from Taiwan who lives and works in Rotterdam.


Shapednoise (IT) is a sound artist and techno producer based in Berlin


Rib is a space for art in Rotterdam, where the interplay between different forms and formats ...

Samuel Arbesman

Samuel Arbesman examines the future of knowledge in our age of scientific and technological change ...

Mathew Kneebone

Mathew Kneebone (1982) is an artist who lives and works in San Francisco, California.

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